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Glass Packs

A good Glasspack muffler has a unique sound. The design is simple. The exhaust passes through the center of the pipe and the padding around the exhaust pipe muffles the vibration and sound of the engine.

Glass pack mufflers AKA Cherry Bomb Mufflers, are all about design. All the sound generated by the car engine is passed through a sound absorbing material before it is released. This means very little sound is allowed to escape the muffler, so the sound blanketing capacity of the muffler is excellent.

The glasspack muffler reduces the pressure on the engine by dissipating the pressure of the loud sound waves out through a sleeve of glass particles.


Full Blown

West Coast Exhaust

At Performance Muffler, we take care of you — mufflers, exhaust, catalytic converts, glass packs, steel tips, radiators, custom welds — your auto care needs. Our moto is We take care of your car as if it were our own. Performance Muffler is your neighborhood Muffler Shop.

Custom Exhaust

Interested in having a custom car exhaust system installed?

Stainless Steel Tips

Performance exhaust modifications.

Catalytic Converter

Reduce the toxicity of those nasty exhaust emissions.

Custom Welding

Seeking upgades & modifcations.

Duel Exhaust

Improve quality & increase power.

Glass Packs

In a glasspack muffler, exhaust passes through the center.


Fixing all types of radiators.

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